Venezia città magica e misteriosa, città della cultura e dell'arte.

The Mental Asylum Museum of San Servolo

Museo Manicomio San Servolo"Secluded folly" is the name with which the museum was inaugurated on May the 20th 2006 on the Island of St Servolo, where equipment from the mental asylum, on the island from the 1700s till 1978, are displayed to public.  It aims to show just how segregated and isolated the asylum was by exhibiting specific finds, notes, explicative panels.

Picture Gallery and Museum of the Mechitarist Armenian Fathers

Picture Gallery and Museum of the Mechitarist Armenian FathersSan Lazzaro Island hosts the Armenian monastery, today the only remaining convent in Venice, and an important centre of Armenian culture.  It includes the church, the library and the museum.  Archaeological finds of Armenian art are preserved in the museum, besides relics of such famous people as Lord Byron, a constant visitor to the island. 
The picture gallery holds works of Veneto painters of the XVII-XVIII century and Armenian etchings and paintings of the XIX-XX century, while more than 200,000 volumes are kept in the library, amongst which precious Armenian manuscripts and miniatures.

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