Una città dai palazzi costruiti in disordinata successione, tenuti a bada dalle strade dove una siepe, un albero, una aiuola impolverata sapevano quasi d’apparizione.
Gian Antonio Cibotto

St Lorenzo Cathedral

Duomo di MestreEstablished in the XVIII century by architect Bernardo Maccaruzzi, it is made up of a neoclassical façade. Next to it is a bell tower in fired brick dating from a prior building (1513).
There is discussion however over the Cathedral’s origins, that its roots go further back into the past, probably the Middle Ages, because of its dedication to St Lorenzo, an early Christian martyr.

St Girolamo Church

Chiesa di San GirolamoClose to the Clock Tower, St Girolamo’s bell tower can be seen. The church is the most ancient in town. Its foundation is usually traced back to 1261, where an eremite’s cell was erected in the Borgo dei Tedeschi as it was then  called.
A crucifix in cedar-wood of the XV century is preserved inside the church.  A myth is told that when sailors taking it to St Lorenzo’s through rio St Girolamo reached site of the church the boat was inexplicably unable to continue.

Saint Rocco Church

Chiesa di San RoccoSaint Rocco Church, nowadays an orthodox Romanian parish, was erected in 1476 by order of some merchants living in Mestre. It was meant as a vow during a terrible plague. Originally the church hosted three confraternities: St Rocco, consecrated to the assistance of the infected, St Francesco di Paolo and Antonio di  Padova, both charity orders.

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