National Archaelogical Museum

Museo CorrerThe Archaeological Museum in St Mark’s Square hosts an important collection of Greek and Roman sculptures, ceramics, coins and stones.  It also preserves the archaeological collection of Museo Correr, which covers Egyptian and Assyro-Babylonian antiquities.

It was founded in 1523 following permission from cardinal Domenico Grimani.  It enriched the Serenissima with marbles and ancient bronzes, the museum is based on donations from great Venetian families. 
Besides numerous Greek sculptures, it includes architecture and sculpture Roman fragments, epigraphs, marbles and busts, little bronzes, ceramics, jewellery, objects of roman, Tuscan and Mesopotamic origins, gems, ivories and a numismatic collection (with coins of the republican age from the III to the I century B.C.). 
Great importance is also given to Roman emperors’ portraits.

The publicly owned museum also contains a part of the archaeological collection of Museo Correr, including antiquities from the Neolithic age, Egyptian, Assyro-Babylonian, Greek, Tuscan, and Roman.

Useful Information
Address: entrance from Museo Correr, Ala Napoleonica, Piazza S.Marco, 52 cap 30124 - Venezia 
Telephone: (+39)0415225978
Fax: (+39)0415225978
Times: 9.00a.m.-2.00p.m. every day
Closed on: 1st January, 1st May, 25th December
Entrance: full price € 13,00, reduced € 7,50 (San Marco Museum Plus), full price € 18,00, reduced € 12,00 (Museum Pass)
For information on free guided tours in Italian, English, French, accompanied by Museum Attendants tel. 0415225778
Services: easy access, didactic activities, coffee shop, book shop
Actv transport lines: numbers 1 and 2, boat stop is S. Marco


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