Monumental rooms of the National library Marciana (or Sansoviniana)

MarcianaThe library, by Jacopo Sansovino, was built and decorated by works of all the most famous artists of the Renaissance, between 1537 and 1560, with the scope of decorously containing the Greek and Latin codes which were given to the Venetian Republic by Cardinal Bessarione in 1468
It is nowadays part of the National library Marciana where it keeps its function as the monumental part together with another building (where the lecture rooms and offices are located), the Zecca.

The library is reached by following the route from the portal, adorned with two caryatids of Vittoria, and over the two-flight staircase with a vaulted ceiling, along which six roman columns of rare marbles are placed, coming from the Basilica of Pola.  At the first floor there remains one of the rarest examples of the Beautiful Sight of Venice by Jacopo de’ Barbari (year 1500), a work of art and a precise reproduction of the city’s true outlines.

La Sapienza (Wisdom) by Titian (1560) stands out on the ceiling of the vestibule, once a Public Museum of The Republic, and held a collection of statues and ancient Greek reliefs given to Venice by Giovanni Grimani in 1587.  Today only a few of ancient Roman pieces remain.
The Library room, covered by a vault decorated by the works of seven different artists, chosen by Titian and Sansovino, holds, on its walls, portraits of philosophers, amongst which are some by Tintoretto and Veronese
The actual premises contain precious manuscripts, like the Breviario Grimani of the V century and previous editions such as Aldo Manuzio’s one.

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