The Planetarium on Lido

PlanetarioThe Planetarium on Lido brings together science and history, imagination with scientific explanations, plus comfort and warmth while admiring the heavens.  The opening of this centre has filled in the hole left over when the centre at St Nicolò’s convent was closed.  Amateur Venetian astronomers can now enjoy themselves again.

The project was put together by the Venice City Council centred on the old Lunapark in Lungomare d'Annunzio.
The dome is more than 8 metres and is the third largest in Italy.  The meeting room has 60 chairs for the public while the instruments that project the stars and planets come out of the floor, recreating the movements of the planets as we see them in nature.
There are few planetariums in Italy and Lido’s is particular in that its creation is largely due to the hard work of a group of enthusiasts in the ‘80s from the local astronomist’s association.  Without money or know how and little support from the few specialists companies who built such things, the group succeeded all the same. 
Thanks go mainly to two Lido residents, president of the association Aldo Abate, who was able to rebuild and improve equipment from the old seat at St Nicolò. The second is Maurizio Eltri, great intellectual and one of the most important collectors of meteorites.

The structure is owned by the city council and part of the scientific department of the Musei Civici Veneziani. It is run by the Associazione Astrofili Veneziani, who regularly offer conversation and conferences on related topics.

Useful information:

Address: Lungomare d'Annunzio, area ex Luna-park - Lido di Venezia
Tel: +39 041731518
Hours: from 1st October to 31st May -  every Sunday there is a show at  4pm (free of cost).  It is open to school and groups on booking.
Website:   www.museiciviciveneziani .


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