Municipal Tower of Mestre

Torre civica mestreThe municipal tower of Mestre is the only remaining tower amongst the fifteen that surrounded the ancient Castello di Mestre (better known as Castelvecchio and Castelnuovo), along the defensive walls.  It is endowed with a clock from the XVI century and preserves a town gateway, the so-called Porta della Loggia (porta della Loza), now half concealed behind a building of more recent times.

The external staircase, made in wood, is a work of recent restoration of Piazza Ferretto by order of Guido Zordan and it copies Medieval architectural forms.
After the last restoration the tower, one of the town’s symbols, has also become an important cultural reference point.  In fact, the events-calendar for the first semester of 2009 is full.
The Mestre-Carpenedo community has organised the programme and aims at hosting every artistic form inside the tower: painting, photography, sculpture, literature, theatre, cinema.  The goal is to offer quality events that highlight Mestre’s personalities.
Every Wednesday, the so called ‘Tower Wednesdays’, between 5 and 7 p.m., in the restored bottom floor, local writers are invited to present their works. On the floors above, every fifteen days or so, painting, photo, chalcographic, artistic, historic and retrospective exhibitions take place.


Useful Information:

Address:  Piazza E. Ferretto
30174 Mestre, Venezia


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