San Pietro in Volta

San Pietro in VoltaSan Pietro in Volta is a small Venetian community è situated on the Island of Pellestrina, in the northern part. It was the ancient port of Albiola, an important centre that underwent a period of abandonment during the medieval period because of the silting up of the port.
It received its actual name when in 900, on the day of St Peter, the Venetian doge Pietro Tribuno succeeded in sending away the Hungarians.  Sending away or chasing away means ‘in volta’ in Italian, hence district’s name. 

It is a picturesque fishing village with low houses, few large buildings, vegetable gardens, vineyards and sea walls. Of particular interest is the parish church dedicated to St Peter. 
It was rebuilt in 1777 on the site of an earlier church from the 1600s and was finished in 1844 with a neoclassical facade.
This little village seems to have been lost in time.  Its rhythms are typically island like and anchored in its ancient history.  It is still possible to see women outside the front doors of their homes doing lace work..

Useful Information:

How to get there:  from Lido take bus number 11 from Piazzale Santa Maria Elisabetta.
The bus reaches the end of the island and then takes a car ferry across to Pellestrina.


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