San Nicolò Fort

Portale Forte San NicolòThe San Nicolò Fort is also called Castelvecchio.  It was built towards the middle of the 1400s and was put to use especially in 1569 when the Turks led by the Sultan Selim II were conquering much of Albania and threatening Venice.

Building continued up until 1571 when a 15 foot construction was engineered and the entire area was isolated from Lido with a triple wall fortification and many artillery points.  During the French, Austrian and Italian monarchy domination, the fort was demolished, rebuilt, expanded and modernised. Inside the area was restored, entrenched, embankments built and defences improved. Eventually an entrance passage way was also built.

During the war, 1915-18, the fort was the first command to defendi the sea. The whole area, at the time perfectly adapted for military use, was, along with the city’s main centres – Rialto and Arsenale – one of the powerful commands of the Veneto Republic.  Today, only the exterior walls exist.  It is still part of a miliatry zone, the Guglielmo Pepe barracks.


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