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Golf Club Lido di Venezia Lido’s Golf Club is Lido’s best known sporting facility.  It is located at the Alberoni, at the most southern part of the Island. It is categorised as one of the most exclusive, well cared for and difficult courses in northern Italy. It has a maritime pine woods, poplars, willows and mulberry trees, a rich fauna and a sandy earth base that is able to drain off the heaviest rain and also survive heat, wind and humidity.

Legend has it that in1926 Henry Ford, owner of the famous car factory, came to the Excelsior Hotel on Lido with a pack of golf clubs.  It was a popular sport in the USA but still unknown in Italy. Ford was dying to play a round and was very disappointed to discover that Lido didn’t have a course. The then president of the hotel organisation, the Compagnia Italiana Grandi Alberghi (C.I.G.A.), Count Giuseppe Volpi di Misurata, took Ford’s plight to heart and decided then and there build a course of 100 hectares on the estreme southern tip of the isalnd near the Port of Malamocco.  It was then dunes and trees with an old fort, the Forte degli Alberoni, built to defend Venice. Today the fort is virtually overgrown by vegetation and is surrounded by the course that began as 9 holes and was enlarged to 18 in 1851.

The 9th hole is a blind par to be played climbing up the defence walls and bastions of the old fort. It has become famous, written about in numerous European and international magazines for its ingenius systems to warn players if there the green is already occupied.

The golf club is to be found within a World Wildlife Fund oasis on the dunes of the Alberoni. It is a rich wildlife area where players can often see the ‘sparto pungente’ and tufts of dense grass. There are also a large number of avifauna examples such as the bee eater, Kentish plover, the occhiocotto and goatsucker. Near fonts of water one can see anphibians such as the tree frog, the emerald toad and nutrias.

Famous names have played here.  Arnold Palmer holds the record playing a 67, 5 under par. Then there was Henry Cotton, Johnny Miller, Severiano Ballesteros, Tony Jacklin, Lee Treviso and many others. The Golf Club hosts important events such as the Open d’Italia and the Open Seniores.

Address: Strada Vecchia, 1 - 30126 Alberoni-Lido
Telephone: +39 041 731333
Opening hours: closed on Monday and from 7th to 20th January


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