Treasure hunt in Venice

Tra calli e leggende veneziane alla ricerca del Ruyi

Treasure hunt in VeniceDiscovering calli and venetian legends searching for the Ruyi
The Ruyi Venice Act is half-way between a game and an itinerary and is possible through a special gamebook. The frame is Venice and the player - alone or facing a challenge with other people - has the chance to discover its hidden corners, reconstructing ancient and charming stories.

Through lanes and bridges, challenges and clues, the player - guided by the indications that he receives by sms - is led to the final goal, the Ruyi, the legendary Chinese scepter that Marco Polo is said to have brought to Venice on his return from the East.
From the sad fairy myth to the tale of the missing column; from the story of the mortar which stopped a whole army to that of the venetian woman-sultan. These are some of the stories which compose the special gamebook, essential instrument which permits you to go through the Ruyi adventure. You will also need your own mobile phone which connects the participant to the revealer of the clues necessary to proceed with the search.

The Ruyi Venice Act  is an experience fit for small and large groups, couples that wish to enjoy Venice’s most authentic face, families that want to involve their children in a playful visit of the town and companies for team building or incentive proposals.

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