Museum of Torcello

Museo TorcelloThe Museum of Torcello, set in two buildings in the island’s Piazza, displays archaeological findings coming from Torcello, Altino and other lagoon isles: headstones; Attic, Corinthian, Tuscan ceramics, and Roman Age marble portraits.

It is divided into two sections: the Palazzo del Consiglio dating from 1300, where the Medieval and Modern exhibitions takes place, and the Palazzo dell’Archivio, the other surviving building in the Piazza, of the XI-XII century, where the archaeological section is located.

In the former are preserved early Christian, high medieval and medieval findings, evidence of Torcello’s history from the VI to the XVI centuries: silvery-gold slabs from the XIII century, inscriptions, mosaic fragments from the XI-XII century, sculpture fragments from the Byzantine and Romanic ages, works from Veronese’s school of art, paintings from the XV-XVI century, venetian ceramics and wooden sculptures from the XV century.  Of marked importance is a gonfalon weaved in silk with a silver thread (1336).

The second section houses findings from all around the region and lagoon areas, besides random materials such as Egyptian statues, covering a space of time from the Palaeolithic to late Roman Age.
The Museum was founded in 1870 when Venice’s Prefect, Luigi Torelli, purchased the Palazzo del Consiglio in order to convert it into a space for gathering ancient objects, found on Torcello and nearby.  In 1872, the building was donated to the City of Venice and the Provincial Museum was thus established. 
Its direction was entrusted to a researcher and scholar, knight Nicolò Battaglini
Cesare Augusto Levi was his successor in the search and retrieval of ancient objects, adding many from his own personal collection.  In 1887 he purchased the Palazzo dell’Archivio, restored it and exhibited various pieces –  the Museo dell’Estuario was born. 
Amongst its directors: Luigi Conton, discoverer of Adria’s Necropolis, from which he probably brought objects to Torcello, Adolfo Callegari, who provided for the inventory, cataloguing, restoration, and the publication of the ‘Museum of Torcello’ catalogue, Professor Giulia Fogolari, and Professor Guido Zattera.

Useful Information:

Address: Piazza Torcello - 30012 Torcello VE
Telephone: 041/730761
Fax:  041/730875
Times: from 1 November to 28 February 10 a.m. – 5p.m.; from 1 May to 31 October 10.30 a.m.– 5.30p.m.
Closed on Mondays and National holidays
Entrance: full price € 3,00, reduced € 1,50 (for groups of more than 10 people, children from 6 to 12 years old)
Free for classes accompanied by teachers and for  children up to 5 years old.
Integral tickets: Museum + Basilica + Belltower:  € 10,00; reduced for groups €  8,00;
Museum + Basilica: € 7,00; reduced for groups € 5,00
How to get there: boat lines LN "Laguna Nord" and T "Torcello" with change on Burano. ACTV - tel. 041/2722111 -


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