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Crossings of Civilisations

International literary debates, Venice 21st-22nd-23rd May 2009

Crossings of CivilisationsFollowing on from the success of Crossings of Civilisations, the Venice City Council and Cà Foscari University are promoting, from 21st to 23rd May 2009, three days of intense literary debate and have invited for the occasion some of the world's most famous writers with all their human and artistic experience.

Venice is a crossroads of civilisations. A civilisation of civilisations, we might say. She grew out of a meeting with the other and the elsewhere, drawing on others' rich diversity, even in times of conflict, aware of the amalgam being created and which was, quite literally, giving her shape and form.
With this International literary debates the city celebrates its historical vocation as a meeting point of peoples, cultures and the great power of literary imagination, as authors and their readers discuss the most urgent topics of our times.
The invited authors share an existence and an art embracing and covering different countries, languages and cultures, embodying those plural identities which are the greatest result of an ever-more globalised world.

The special guests for the 2009 edition are: Orhan Pamuk, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Salman Rushdie, one of the most famous living writers, the French poet Yves Bonnefoy, one of the world's major poetic voices, Javier Marías, one of the best Spanish novelists, the American Robert Coover, pioneer of literary postmodernism, the famous Chinese novelist Zhang Jie, the voice of the tragedy of the Middle-East, Elias Khuri, the Greek novelist and film director Ionna Karistiani, the emerging African French-speaker Sami Tchak Kiran Desai, who returns to Venice to present her new work, the German-speaking Italo-Chilean dramatist Gaston Salvatore, the caustic Israeli writer and film director Etger Keret as well as new voices of Italian literature such as the Italo-Albanian Ornela Vorpsi and the Italo-Argentinian Adrian Bravi.

When: From May-21-2009 To May-23-2009
Where: Malibran Theatre, Auditorium S. Margherita and SpazioEventi Mondadori bookshop
Entry: Intero € 8,00
Reduction for students: € 5,00 (Malibran Theatre)

Contacts: Press office Adnkronos Nord Est
T: 049 8774403 – 3488442046

Promoter: Venice City Council and Cà Foscari University

More information: Auditorium S. Margherita and SpazioEventi Mondadori bookshop free entry with reservation

Email: info@incrocidicivilta.org
Web: www.incrocidicivilta.org

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