Le Nouveau Palazzo Grassi


Le Nouveau Palazzo Grassi" Where are we going? " has the precise aim of depicting, by means of the prestigious François Pinault collection, an efficient and widely participative picture of art today, in order to reflect upon the hypothesis of a future pregnant with memories and experiences.

This exposition, in addition to being symptomatic of Pinault's heterogenous interest in modern art, strives to suggest an expositional journey through twentieth century art from the post-Second World War period until our days, with the works of protagonists from the international scene and with careful consideration of the manifold artistic currents which have arisen over the years, such as the New York School, the European Abstract movement, Art Pauvre, Minimalism, Post-Minimalism and Pop Art.
This collection is impressive for its high quality and variety. The exposition places on display approximately two hundred works by great masters of the past up until the latest new talents.
This exposition, organized by Alison M. Gingeras, follows chronological order yet nevertheless succeeds in breaking down space/time coordinates; it emphasizes contrasts and analysis, exalting the characteristic elements of those who have anticipated modern ideas.
The criterion-guide is not to document as amply as possible modern art movements, but rather to exalt individuality. In this context, Tadao Ando's remodelling work fits very neatly: his geometries are simple, yet highly suggestive for the beholders. In the serenity and clean lines of the structures we perceive a kind of immersive, interactive intervention, continually requesting the attention of the spectator, bathed in light and in the neutral backgrounds of the surroundings.
The collection is, therefore, an essential testimony which enables us to fully comprehend the passion, guidelines and institutional role of Pinault at Palazzo Grassi.

by Venews May 2006
(Tr.Maria Fasolo)

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