Cavallino-Treporti pyrotechnical summer

Cavallino-Treporti pyrotechnical summer Between rowing competitions, fireworks and sporting events, summer ignites at Cavallino-Treporti.
The lights of fun and the colors of the celebrations are lit every season on the coast of Cavallino-Treporti, when tourists arrive and where the enthusiasm for popular traditions join with the own initiatives of an international seaside resort.

The season begins with the spring event, the Festa dea Sparesea (feast of asparagus) on the 1st of May, dedicated to the asparagus, one of the most famous typical products of the area.
To announce the arrival of the summer in June, the Palio Remiero, a winning and passionate rowing competition along the Pordelio canal: the twelve 'contrade' or districts challenge each other in rowing races in front of thousands of spectators.
During the whole of the summer the various districts of the coast organize popular festivals (sagre) with  music, dancing and gastronomic stands of typical dishes from the sea coast.
But there's a place also for culture and masked theater, such as the international festival Beach Mask Festival, organized between June and July.
The most eagerly awaited event of the summer, attracting thousands of spectators to the beaches of Cavallino-Treporti, is back again this year, with its seventh edition: Beach on Fire 2009, the 'longest' pyrotechnic performance in the world, organized by 'Parco Turistico' in collaboration with the Comune of Cavallino-Treporti.
More than six thousand fireworks will be set off from twelve positions along the thirteen kilometers of the coast.
Concerts, cabaret, theater, open-air cinema, fun fair and weekly and evening markets will also take place in Cavallino-Treporti...

Not to be missed are other initiatives, connected to sport and free time: there will be the third edition of the Night Marathon and the Regata da Mar (Sea Regatta) which is held at the end of August on the stretch of sea in front of the coast, between Cavallino and Punta Sabbioni.


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