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Le cose si stanno muovendo tutt'intorno a noi

Things are moving all around us

Le cose si stanno muovendo tutt'intorno a noiFrom June 4th to July 5th, the Galleria Nuova Icona in Giudecca will host the exhibition of Jeremiah Day, curated by Chiara Sartori and Vittorio Urbani and realized thanks to the support of The Welsh Assembly Government, British Council and Wales Arts International.


The feeling that things are moving all around us, weaving day after day a network of opaque relations and hidden mechanisms of power, often worms into our daily lives. The loss of comprehension, due to the blurring of connections between events, originates a deep sense of disorientation and dejection, mostly if we consider the several attempts of individuals to make things clearer, generally in vain or tragically ended. Italian and international history are studded with facts which bring to surface the tension of a silent but ubiquitous struggle.

Le cose si stanno muovendo tutt'intorno a noi” | “Things are moving all around us” is the title of a chapter from the book Dark Alliance, a collection of the articles by the American journalist Gary Webb, published till 1995 on the San Jose Mercury News, dealing with his investigation on the relationship between the CIA and the cocaine trade. The exact line comes from a conversation between Webb and a Nicaraguan journalist talking about safety for people working on that. Webb's reporting generated a large controversy: the Mercury News backed away from the investigation, ending Webb's career as a mainstream journalist. In 2004 Webb was found dead from two gunshots to his head which the coroner judged to be a suicide.

The project by Jeremiah Day for Nuova Icona, on the occasion of his first solo exhibition in Italy, aims at focusing just on the loss of understanding and on those subtle mechanisms changing actual facts in rumors, blurring their boundaries and modifying our own perception. His attentive reflection deals with both the wider history, the collective memory, and with single apparently insignificant events, intimate stories and with daily struggles and efforts in making things around us a bit more clearer. His research reveals gaps in our knowledge of facts: if once there were secrets, now the systematic covering and transformation of the real is almost a custom. A very much relevant reflection in relation to both the international and the Italian recent history and present socio-political context.
Among the images and texts by Jeremiah Day we find significant figures from American history who have been ignored through the years. That of Fred Hampton, political activist of the Black Panthers Party who in 1969 was killed by the police in his apartment while sleeping. Or that of the American Senator Frank Church who tried to uncover the connections between governmental power and the secret services in US, devoting his political career to a state of 'wilderness' enabling us to look at actual facts as they are and to follow the principle that means are as much as important as ends. Wilderness is a central concept also in the installation The Fall of the 12 Acres Museum (2007) a work which narrative, a core aspect in Day's production, reflects with a great intensity the struggle of telling and expressing a way of feeling and acting, as part of a group and of a shared identity.

The work of Jeremiah Day is a sort of open ended and unconventional historiography, built on experimental archives of knowledge and based on facts and points of view often left on the margins. Writing, lecturing, performing and using photographies and slides as proper educational materials, the artist touches on complex and relevant subjects in which knowledge appears in fleeting moments of revelation and insight.

When: From Jun-4-2009 To Jul-5-2009
Where: Nuova Icona Gallery - Giudecca 454

Promoter: Nuova Icona

More information: opening reception on June 3rd at 18.30br>

Email: press@nuovaicona.org
Web: www.nuovaicona.org
Opening: from June 4th to June 7th 10-8pm
from June 8th to July 5th from 10-6pm
closed on Mondays (except June 8th)


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