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Making Interstices

Making IntersticesCentral Asia Countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan) are participating in the 53rdInternational Art Exhibition in their Pavilion curated by Beral Madra, curator and art critic from Turkey. Beral Madra will operate in collaboration with the commissioner Vittorio Urbani (Nuova Icona, Venice) and from Central Asia, Ms. Nazira Alymbaeva (Kyrgyzstan) as assistant curator.


Making Interstices proposes to recognize the intricate distinctions and options of art making in the global world. If Making Worlds presents the broad-spectrum of today’s art, Making Interstices indicates the way artists work, operate and produce in Central Asia countries throughout the political and economic turbulences of the last thirty years. Violent complications of globalization aggravate the artists’ ability to discover, to employ and to exploit the little gaps (interstices) between the conventional and most of the time oppressive political and economic strategies. Making Interstices is a strategy that allows the artist to configure his/her thoughts, desires and humour freely congregate into a tactical, experimental and exploratory intervention through art...

Ermek Jaenisch’s False Fabrics of the World, a photo series, reveal hybrid monuments that are overloaded with
historical and modern symbols and signs; they merge the eagerness of orientalization with the cynicism of postmodernism. Jamshed Kholikov’s Bus Stops is an ambitious travel covering a vast geography in Central Asia
documenting the bus stops as indigenous creations that practically replaced the idea of the historical,
traditional and ideological monument. Anzor Salidjanov’s pictures are humorously fuse the meanings of the
masterpieces of Western art history with everyday realities and local images by means of the deconstructive/reconstructive methods. Oksana Shatalova’s SPA-Mummification is a performance documentation that pleases the viewer’s spirit with their enjoyable, amusing and ironical images; but raises questions about the usage of milk, that apparently is the symbol of "organic life", "power of nature “and "affluence" in Central Asia. Yelena Vorobyeva and Viktor Vorobyev’s installation Day-Night & Artist Asleep is an environmental tableau of a
poetical still-life video and a sleeping artist; when he wakes up he may make masterpieces for the world… “

The opening of CA Pavilion is 4th of June 2009, 6 pm for the press, 7 pm for the professionals and the general

Il Padiglione del Centro Asia is supported by HIVOS – The Humanist Institute for Development Cooperation, Olanda with the collaboration of di Printcenter (Istanbul) and of B.M. SUMA (Istanbul)

Image courtesy of artist:
Yelena & Viktor Vorobyev,
Orange Revolution, 2006
progetto fotografico | photo project

When: From Jun-4-2009 To Nov-22-2009
Where: Palazzo Molin, Fondamenta delle Zattere 1411

More information: Boat: 61-62-2 (stop San Basilio) e 51-2 (stop Zattere)

Web: www.centralasiaart.org

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