Peggy Guggenheim collection: end of restoration works

Rauschenberg and Wim Delvoye displayed

Peggy Guggenheim collection: end of restoration worksThe restoration works to the facade of the Peggy Guggenheim foundation on the Grand Canal have just finished.  This palazzo was, from 1948 home to the American heiress and from 1980, a museum.  The museum’s collection includes Peggy’s precious modern art works from the first decades of the 1900s. 
The Istrian marble of  the façade is now restored to the ancient candour and brightness that it had probably possessed when it was built in the XVIII century under the name of Palazzo Venier dei Leoni.


Thanks to Mapei’s generous help (a multinational group, leader in the world for adhesives and chemical products for building industries), the collection has completed its three year enlargement and restructuring and renovation of exhibition spaces and offices.  Mapei’s intervention, which started last January, restored both the façades, the one that overlooks the Grand Canal and the façade that overlooks Rio Torreselle, where the entrance to the Museum is located.  Innovative products with lime and eco- pozzolan by Mape-Antique have been used, as well as colourful and thin detailing.  The surface products are very permeable to humidity so as to allow walls to ‘breathe’ in the damp Venetian environment.

The building’s overall aspect has been improved thanks to the rebuilding work on the museum’s panoramic terrace.  It was Serralunga, a design company specialized in outdoor fittings of international relevance, that planned a new parapet to make the terrace safer.  The big square white vases constitute a counterpoint in relation to the façade’s architecture and the big columns. 
The latter have been freed of the plants that once covered them and their beauty can now be admired.
During the last few days, the façade has been enriched by the presence of Wim Delvoye’s statue: a Gothic tower of about 8 metres that echoes Palazzo Venier dei Leoni’s profile.  The Belgian artist believes that with his passion for Gothic he has brought about a new Renaissance in gothic art in Europe.  His tower has become a tribute to Venice, a city with a glorious past, now attempting to find its new modern roots
The tower, made up of corten, stainless steel modelled with a laser, will remain in its place till November the 22nd.  It  will brighten Venetian nights thanks to a complicated lighting system and the effects of light and shade created by its spires and pinnacles.
The museum’s summer programme includes Robert Rauschenberg’s exhibition: Gluts
It is open to the public from 30th May with a display of 40 metallic sculptures by the Texan artist from the period 1985-1995. It will be the first time Italian visitors can see this artist on their own soil.
Visitors are offered a free guided tour of the exhibition everyday at 3,30 p.m. It will be suspended from 20th September.

Address: Palazzo Venier dei Leoni - 701 Dorsoduro - 30123 Venezia
Opening times: 10-6pm (closed on Tuesday)
Prices: adults 12€, senior (65+) 10€, students 7€


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