WIFI-DAY: Venice becomes a digital city

WIFI-DAY: Venice becomes a digital cityThe network infrastructure based on optical fibre and wireless will be inaugurated on Friday 3rd July and it will transform Venice in a digital city, allowing its citizens to browse free thanks to the many hotspots all around the city.


The cabled areas were chosen with the help of Venetian citizens by means of the contest "Where I'd like to have my Hotspot", in which more than 1000 people partecipated. The selection awarded all the Canal Grande's area and the majority of the socalled 'campi' and of the green areas, furnished with benches, roofings, automatic machines and so on.


To have more information about the exact collocation of the hotspots, the Council of Venice also realized an interactive map; moreover you can visit a new blog dedicated to the opinions and the suggestions of the citizens ( blog.cittadinanzadigitale.it ).

To celebrate this great change, all the date 3rd July will be dedicated to the wifi, becoming in this way the Wifi Day. These will be some of the most interesting events: at 
10.30 a.m. the 'Bateocamp', a press conference on a 'vaporetto' (water bus) from Piazzale Roma to Venezia Lido, with a special network session of the most famous italian bloggers; then, in the evening, the WiFi Treasure Hunt, a digital version of the famous game 'The Ruyi' conceived by the Venetian writer Alberto Toso Fei, organized in cooperation with WHAIWHAI (for registration write to: veneziadigitale@whaiwhai.com ; web info: www.whaiwhai.com ).


How to become a digital citizen?

To get the necessary credentials and become in this way a digital citizen, Venetian residents must complete their registration on the web site www.cittadinanzadigitale.it . All non-residents living, studying or working in Venice must wait for the end of September 2009 to join in, whereas the tourists will have the possibility to take a payment registration on the web site www.veniceconnceted.com


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