9°International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations

9. Esposizione Internazionale di Sculture ed Installazioni

9°International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations  It's wednesday 30 August 2006 at the Lido of Venice the inauguration of the 9° International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations - OPEN2OO6. The exhibition, directed by Paolo De Grandis and organised by Arte Communications in collaboration with the Executive Committee for Cultural Production of the Venice District Council and the Centro Italiano per le Arti e la Cultura di Torino (Italian Centre of Art and Culture of Turin), will be held from 30 August to 1 October 2006.

To celebrate the interactive aspect of the exhibition, on the inauguration gala night it will possible to take part in the performances by the artists Xiao Ge, Brigitte Kovács and Thomas Scherzer.

The prerogative of OPEN2OO6, is the ‘art’ of catching the visitor unawares along the avenues and in the Hotels (the Westin Excelsior, Des Bains and Hungaria) of Lido di Venezia with an immensely rich selection of artistic works that are mostly ‘site specific’. The show, as conceived by Paolo De Grandis, uses an exhibition strategy with an undeniably high impact to overcome the routine rhetoric incumbent even in the undercurrents of the more ‘fringe’ circuits. The operation not only experiments the use of artists from all over the world who, in a climate of mutual exchange, give shape to a highly striking exhibition itinerary, but also exploits the enchanting green parks animated by the procession of celebrities at the Cinema Festival. OPEN is a pioneering stimulus that presents art by metaphorically playing it on expressive strings, poised between form and space and above all in the visual dimension, to reveal the positive sense of individual and collective advancement in interactive artistic experience. While previous editions attempted to establish a pluralist core, capable of determining the creative itineraries of internationally recognised artists, this ninth edition, with an even larger number of participants (41), will also give voice to a series of artists from the Academy of Fine Arts, who, after being marginalised or even completely omitted in every international exhibition event, can now find a chance for a real, vibrant confrontation. This decision of the curators, backed up by Gloria Vallese, is expected to give a new impetus, to be expressed in a common exhibition itinerary that will confirm the state of affairs of the experience of the international Academies and the results produced. So OPEN2OO6 aims to define a series of scenarios or contexts that can make the bouquet of this ‘art workshop’ flourish, itineraries of academic creativity hailing from Macao, Venice and Vienna. Plastic arts will nevertheless remain the main core, declined not only in their orthodox form, but also in those twilight zones where creativity confronts communication, with its schemes and its ends. The group of artists from three continents offers significant notables such as Louise Bourgeois, Arman, Luigi Mainolfi, John Henry, Zhao Guanghui, Chen Changwei, the performer Xiao Ge and even outsiders such as Massimo Franchi, Giuseppe Linardi and Stefano Fioresi.
The project involves the district in a single happening, spurring visitors towards more and more emotional confines of inspiration. Art and open space are bonded ever more closely, making them almost inseparable.

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