Meet the crafts in Venice

Appuntamento con l'artigianato

Meet the crafts in VeniceThe fourth edition of Storie sotto el fèlze, organizes several shows and an exibition to promote the crafts that continue the constructive and creative traditions that have developed in Venice over the centuries around the gondola.

The association El Fèlze is the voice of the harmonious variety of trades that creates the ‘gondola system’.
This initiative seeks to promote and to provide assistance to many crafts which are at risk, while broaden awareness of those unique Venetian workshop traditions.
The shows will take place in 5 different workshops of Venice for five thursday, from the 7th of september until the 5th of october. Until the19 of september an exibition of gondola crafts at Villa Widmann (Mira) will be open to visitors.
The shows are free and open to everyone who wants to discover and learn more about the craft traditions that have developed in Venice around the gondola.

written by Roberta Nalesso


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