Picasso at Palazzo Grassi


Picasso at Palazzo GrassiThe 11th of november at Palazzo Grassi was presented the most important event of the season: the exposition "Picasso, La joie de vivre 1945-1948".

Through more than 200 loans from public and private institutions, the exibition  covers a period of intensive creation and artistic experimentation  when, at the end of World War II, rejuvenated by a new love affair, Picasso comes back to the French riviera.
Paintings, drawings, ceramics and a wide selection of photos wich allow the visitor to enter the intimacy of the artist and penetrate the mistery of his work.

«Picasso,la joie de vivre,1945-1948»

From 11th november 2006 to 11th  march 2007
Palazzo Grassi


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