De Chirico in Padova

De Chirico in PadovaGiorgio De Chirico returns in a wide retrospective in Padova, revealing his artistic polyvalency beyond the figurative.
De Chirico work is presented inside an historical frame that reveals him to be a complete, versatile artist, whose poetic spirit has been delightfully translated into diverse channels: verse, illustration, scenography and literature.
Inaugurated on the 19th of January at Palazzo Zabarella, location of the Fondazione Bano, the exposition was organized by Paolo Baldacci and Gerd Roos, who have carefully selected more than one hundred masterpieces of the Maestro, including a series of works which Italian expositions have not put on display for over thirty years.

«De Chirico»

Until the 27th of may at Palazzo Zabarella-Padova
Info tel. 049-8753100

by :venews
february 2007


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