Venice International Boat Show

Venice International Boat Show

Venice International Boat ShowThe Venice International Boat Show, is a true Festival dedicated to all those who love yachting and the sea.

The Show ideally expresses powerful links with Venice, a multifaceted city that, over the centuries, has succeeded in reconciling notable differences in culture and many forms of activity, succeeding nonetheless in retaining its unique character at all times.
The event is a significant, important occasion, one that brings enthusiasts together, providing opportunities to exchange experiences and gain further information on all subjects regarding the world of the sea, harbour facilities and pleasure boating.
The Show is a fast expanding event, and it represents an important contribution to Venice’s harbour, which is itself a driving force of the city’s nautical and maritime economy.
This year’s edition will present a wealth of events, meetings, demonstrations on the water, and workshops. It is a unique experience that combines history and culture, linking the traditional boat show format to many sports events that have been planned from Saturday 17 to Sunday 25 March.
Links with tradition are underlined by the fact that the Venice Arsenal will be open to the public for all nine days of the Show, with historic vessels on display, as well as collections, exhibitions and rare pieces on various themes regarding maritime culture and Venice’s lagoon in particular.
In this way, a historic location in the city will provide an enchanting backdrop for performances, guided tours, entertainment, and illuminating historical reconstructions.

«6th Venice International Boat Show»

From  17 to 25 March
Terminal Passeggeri/Marittima - Arsenale

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Tr. Henry Neuteboom


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