The 33rd Vogalonga

The 33rd Vogalonga

The 33rd VogalongaThe Vogalonga competition takes part in Venice history since its birth it is one on the main events, especially spring. Vogalonga's birth is due to a few Venetians and has always been supported only by the participants. This year it will take place sunday 27 of may.

This events never needed money from the state or from sponsor thanks to its organizer: for example "paron Toni" Rosa Salva, who is also one of the founders.
On November 11, 1974, a group of Venetians, with a passionate interest in rowing, in the lagoon and in the traditions of the Serenissima, got together on the island of Burano for the first race in a unique “regatta”.
For years, one Venetian family, the Rosa Salvas, together with a group of friends and numerous rowing champions, organized a race during the festivities of San Martino in a “caorline” with six oars.
The crew was mixed, male and female, half of whom were rowing champions who had won the “Regata Storica” many times and half of whom were amateur rowing enthusiasts.
It was during the lunch following the race that the idea of a non-competitive race to be held the following year was launched.
A race in which any type of rowing boat could participate.
This race would be an invitation to the city authorities and citizens to act against the decline of the city, against the destructive waves caused by motor boats and to renew the traditional Venetian festivities.
The idea was accepted with enthusiasm by the local press, by the rowing clubs of Venice, by the Province and by the Venetians residents who took the interests of their city to heart.
The race course that was laid out has remained virtually unchanged over the years.

by Monica Fontanive
may 2007

«33a Vogalonga»
Sunday 27 may


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