Contemporary sequences at Palazzo Grassi

Contemporary sequences at Palazzo Grassi

Contemporary sequences at Palazzo GrassiPalazzo Grassi unveils the rebel soul of contemporary art to disclose the perfect mechanism of painting and sculpture. This is the first appointment with ‘sequence’: an ongoing series of expositions that draw nourishment from the esteemed collection of François Pinault.

Between post-post modernistic philosophiy and aesthetics and intellectual provocations, Sequence 1 showcases a varied choice of works by artists engaging the practice of painting or sculpture. This reminds us that these means of expression are still dynamic and vibrant through that creative strain that characterizes art.

So, the pictorial ‘classicism’ can be rediscovered in the artworks of Raysse, Owens, Dumas, Murakami, Prince, Stingel, Baker, Cuoghi, Fischer and Reyle.
The presence of Mike Kelley permeates through grotesque installations that reveal a contradictory complexity of connections between pleasure and sense of guilty, repression and sublimation.
Next is Franz West with artworks which require a physical participation by the spectator. With his works, West reacts to Viennese Actonism eluding its grave pathos through irony.
Indebted to West, Anselm Reyle seeks to bring round a whole repertoire of styles associated with high Modernism through futuristic sculptures which embrace the legacy of formalism.

For Sequence 1 several artists have been commissioned by François Pinault to make new works.
Campo San Samuele will host a collaborative work by Rudolf Stinger and Franz West entitled Untitled (Kiosk) 2006. This work is composed of a structure whose roof serves as support for a large skull-shaped sculpture.
Takeshi Murakami has been commissioned to produce a new cycle of paintings based on a twelfth-century Japanese hand scroll entitled Shigisan- engi-emaki which recounts miracles attributed to a monk called Myoren.

by Carlotta Scarpa
:venews maggio 2007
Tr. M.S.

«Sequence 1»

From the 5th may to the 11th november
Palazzo Grassi

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