The San Giuliano Park

parco san giulianoThe San Giuliano Park is situated at the entrance to Mestre and takes up an area of about 700 hectares overlooking Venice’s lagoon near the bridge of the Libertà.  This is the bridge that connects Venice proper with the mainland.
The park is the largest in Europe.  Apart from offering residents relaxation and sport with walking and bike lanes, it is also a natural reserve where study of the lagoon can take place.
The park was realised thanks to European financing.  It represents a reconversion of urban space which, for size and articulation, is considered one of the most ambitious in Italy.
It began as a great conservation project in which the lagoon habitat and the native flora and fauna could be protected and in some cases saved from the gradual deterioration that the last 10 or so years have seen.
The concern for marine ecology and  the improvement of the environment represents the start of something new in conservation politics.  The park is located on the banks of the Venice lagoon, half way between Venice and Mestre.  It plays the role of entrance to the port of Venice and also a type of measuring rod of cultural and social interests.

The area was once an industrial and urban refuse dump which was a negative barrier between the mainland and Venice. Thanks to the realisation of the park, that barrier has gone.
The project was first launched in 1990 when the Venice City Council offered an international competition to architects to come up with a design entitled:  ‘A Park for San Giuliano’.  In 1991 the job was entrusted to Antonio Di Mambro of Comunitas Inc, winnner of the competition. The project, approved by the city council on 19th January, 1996, covered an area of 700 hectares – 475 of which is land, 225 hectares is canals, shoals and lagoon.

The San Giuliano Park, whose realisation has still some way to go, was inaugurated in 2003 with three days of events from 7th to 9th November. Residents were introduced to their new park with informative activities and a train was activated making a circular route around the park.


Useful Information:

How to get to San Giuliano Park

Garage and rental services at the entry to the bike and walking lanes at Porta Arancio and the parking lot at Porta Rossa.

Coming from Venice:
lines n° 5, 12,  12/, 19, 24 all stop near the entrance to the park
Coming from the centre of Mestre:
lines 10, 12, 12/, stop at the last bus stop on Viale S.Marco
From Mestre’s railway station:
line 9 – last stop for Forte Marghera then walk toward Viale San Marco.

Water bus (vaporetto)

Parking lots available at: Porta Blu (ASMG), Porta Rossa (ASMG), Porta Gialla (ASMG), Punta San Giuliano (free stop off area)
In parking lots Porta Rossa and Porta Blu it is forbidden to park between 2pm and 6pm everyday and from 7 novembre 2005, payment is hourly.. Info
The GPS coordinates to reach San Giuliano Park are: 45° 28.54 N - 012° 16.06 E

Railway station Mestre
Railway station Venice


Park services
Bike rental
Can be found at Porta Arancio in the building called - Uffici Info Point
The service is offered by Mestre’s ‘hospitality service’ Casa dell'Ospitalità di Mestre (rentals are suspended in winter)

Skate hire
Run by the Associazione Sportiva Skate Academy
Tel 041 5318195
Cell 333 7708866
Winter hours: Mon-Fri 2.00-5.30
Sat, Sun and public holidays: 10.00-1.00/2.00-5.30
Summer hours: Mon-Fri 2.00-5.30
Sat, Sun and public holidays: 2.00-9.00

Sports grounds

for children under 14 years
A.C. Real San Marco/Polisportiva Aleardi
Via Boerio - 30170 Mestre
Info secretary: 339 7701503

Polisportiva Aleardi:
president Stefano Di Natale
Via Roma, 49 - Mestre 30170
Info: 348 4715972

Restaurants and lunch bars

Via Orlanda - Parco San Giuliano Nord
30170 Mestre
Tel. 335 5469383
Ref. Giovanni Zanon
Hours: April - September: 9.00 - 2.00
October - March: 9.00 - 8.00
Monday closed

Via San Giuliano
Parco San Giuliano, Porta Rossa
30170 Mestre
Tel. 041 5318881
Ref. Annamaria Chiarin
Hours: Monday to Friday 6.30-9.00
Saturday 6.30-5.00
Sunday and public holidays closed.

Restaurant - Bar – Ice cream bar- Solarium and Sandwich corner
Parco di San Giuliano - Porta Gialla
Open everyday from 11am to 2am
Tel for bookings: 349 8950846
Parking: ASM Porta Gialla free after 5pm

Institution Il Parco
Parks of Bissuola and San Giuliano

Via Gori 8,
30173 Mestre
Venezia - Italy
Tel. +39 041 53 52 230
Fax: +39 041 53 52 122
Office Opening hours to the public:  Monday to Friday 10am to 1pm


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