52. Art Exposition of the Venice Biennale

52. Art Exposition of the Venice Biennale

52. Art Exposition of the Venice BiennaleThe 52nd International Art Exhibition will run in Venice from June 10 to November 21 in the Arsenale and in the Italian Pavilion at the Giardini, presenting about a hundred artists from all over the world. The fever is rising for the inauguration with over 200 events...

Think with the Senses-Feel with the Mind is the title of the 52nd International Art Exposition of the Biennial of Venice.
The director, Robert Storr, first American director of the Art Biennial, was nominated three years ago (having received the nomination much earlier than is usual); thus, he has had plenty of time to meditate and prepare the event.

Today, the long waiting period is over.
Now we know "who will be present, who will not". Now we have the statistics concerning those who are always present, and those Italians who will not make an appearance (even taking into consideration the just reopening of the Italian Pavilion). Now the director's work may be evaluated; the long-awaited moment has arrived in which we may see with our own eyes the results, praising or criticising the director's programmes.

At any rate, it's worth while to hazard a guess, shortly before being gulped down by the whirlwind of the long Venetian vernissage, in order to understand better what road we must follow.
For the time being, the only sure guide is a phrase repeatedly expressed by Robert Storr who, defining this edition of the Biennial as "an exposition not for professional people, but normal visitors who allow themselves to be fascinated and thrilled by art works".
He has synthesized the contents: "The history of art is a fabric of epiphanies, interwoven by many hands at different speeds: art's present time is the external border of this work in progress. Taken in any point, this border can be jagged and irregular.
The weft-image delineated may disturb, or be difficult to discern: this reflects the difficulty of artistic creation in difficult times, such as those in which we live. Instead of mending the border or reweaving the weft in order to "smoothe it out", this exposition concentrates on certain aspects of current production.
We have chosen some indications of the possible nature of emerging schemes, without any pretense of offering an exhaustive map".

by Flavia Fossa Margutti
Tr. Maria Fasolo
:venews june 2007

«52. Art Exposition of the Biennale»

From the10th june to the 21st of november


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