Heineken Jammin’Festival 2007

Heineken Jammin’Festival 2007The largest rock festival says bye-bye to Imola, transfering, literally, to the Lagoon, into that Parco San Giuliano which is a symbolic belt between water and land.
Four days with Pearl Jam, Iron Maiden, Vasco Rossi...
For Venice, this is surely a historic moment. For the first time, the city places itself at the centre of par excellence youth culture, r'n'roll, hosting the largest festival ever conceived in Italy.
Until a few months ago, this idea seemed to be merely a fleeting dream on the horizon. Everything was being held hostage to the Pink Floyd obsession- phobia. This was the great alibi, the huge shadow that hovered overhead everytime someone dared to propose a great musical event in the city.
No, it can't be done; no, it mustn't be done; We have seen that there's no space for such events...
In brief, tears and woe. And yet, voilà! the rabbit emerged from the top hat, no one knows how or why, but the miracle happened.
In order to verify as always that reality is always simpler and stronger than paranoia, it's sufficient to face it, to voyage through it, believing in the feasibility of projects which, in every angle of the world, are part of daily reality. Normality which, in a city that is special in every sense, becomes a chimerical dimension.

The highest compliments, without flattery and rhetoric, to the Municipality of Venice and especially to Massimo Venturini, President of the Municipality of Mestre, who has believed in, dared, struggled to bring the great event here, succeeding in spite of widespread skepticism.
His reasoning was limpid, logical, and normal: we have one of Europe's biggest and most suggestive parks, between land and sea.
Why not use it for great events where young people congregate, as in all big metropolitan parks?
No sooner said than done. Four days of great live music.

The essential day id Friday: if you've never seen Pearl Jam live, then this is your chance of a lifetime! With the Boss and his E-Street Band is the largest rock'n'roll machine in the world, with a lineup of smashing guitarists, Gossard and McCready, and with the greatest voice of rock, Eddie Vedder.

by Massimo Bran
Tr. Maria Fasolo
:venews june 2007

«Heineken Jammin’ Festival 2007»
From14 to 17 june
San Giuliano Park

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