Artempo - Where Times Becomes Art

Art is the daughter of time, the expression of the present in which it is executed. It carries within itself the past which has preceded it, as well as the seeds of the future.
A few seconds after its creation, an art work is already history in time. And time contributes, in its own way, toward giving it the essence of art, because art acquires worth only in time.
At last, there prevails a concept of atemporal synchrony, in the exhibition Where Time Becomes Art, conceived by Mattijs Visser and Axel Vervoordt, which investigates the mental and spatial concept of time in the works which they have generated.
Thus were born the sections called Timeless, Numeri e astri, Distruzione e costruzione, Vanitas e nature morte, Decostruzione e decomposizione. More than 80 artists are represented.

by Luisa Turchi
Tr. Maria Fasolo
:venews june 2007

«Artempo. Where Time Becomes Art»
From 9 june to 7 octobre
Palazzo Fortuny

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