Enzo Cucchi, the visual poet

Enzo Cucchi, the visual poet

Enzo Cucchi, the visual poetOn the 8th of June, the Correr Museum will inaugurate a great exhibition dedicated to Enzo Cucchi: more than 100 carefully selected works, paintings and designs, from famous museums (New York's MoMa and Guggenheim, the Beaubourg of Paris, the Louisiana Museum for Moderne Kunstof Humlebaek, the Stedelijk of Amsterdam) delineate a expositionjourney which cover the most significant moments in his artistic production from the 1970s up until the present.

Cucchi understands art as the means necessary for revealing one's own interior self; the recovery of more traditional languages (painting, design, sculpture, ceramics and graphics) is linked to the need to transmit sensations, desires, dreams and hopes.

by Valeria Romeo
Tr. Maria Fasolo
:venews june 2007

Enzo Cucchi
From the 8 june to the 7 octobre
Museo Correr

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