Marghera Village

Marghera VillageSummer is beginning. This year, too, brings us the inevitable desire to have fun with friends, often in fresh air, chatting, listening to good music. Marghera Village is the yearly appointment which can satisfy all these demands under the starry sky during summertime in Venice.
Once again, we are all invited to pass a few months in merry amusement. "The dances" will open on the 2nd of June, continuing without interruption until the 19th of August with essential appointments, each evening different.
An entirely special edition, this one in 2007, with a veil of suspense expressed even in the title "Marghera Estate Village 007".
An absolute novelty of this edition is the collection of melodies of over 30 artists who will be on stage at the Village (2 CD at the special price of 10 Euros); in this way, everyone can take home the souvenir of these evening appointments with good music.
Indeed, as ever, Marghera Estate stresses high quality music, giving us the gift of the chance to appreciate new genres and currents. Essential ingredients of these evenings, as already mentioned, will be the spectacles: great names in music and theatre stand beside new names.
Among the numerous appointments, after the grand opening on the 2nd of June with Bebo Best &Super Lounge Orchestra, we would like to mention Momo's fine music (on the 3rd), the revelation of Chiambretti's Dopofestival, the cabaret show L'ernia al disco del ballerino sexy (on the 4th), interpreted by the Perlamammadiado Trio which mixes the comic, romantic soul of clownery with dance.
On the 18th of June, the concert of "Il Collettino" brings back to life the demential band born more than 30 years ago, ready to desecrate Venetian manias and vices by means of music.

by Lucia Cattaneo
Tr. Maria Fasolo
:venews giugno 2007

«Marghera Village»

From 2 june until 19 august
Parco Panorama-Marghera (Ve)

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