Biennale Art in Venice

Biennale Art in Venice

Biennale Art in VeniceIn the Biennial designed by Robert Storr, it would be impossible not to perceive the existence of two generic groupings of artists which reflect the peculiar characteristics of contemporary art language...

One is involved in the open condemnation of the atrocities inflicted upon humanity and nature (which we will call ethical); the other inclines toward an almost exasperated search for a connecting thread in art history around which various styles wind and unwind (we will call this aesthetic).
I think we can all agree that the ethical aspect is strongly present in the pavilions at the Arsenal, while the aesthetic aspect is more prevalent in the pavilions at the Giardini.
Of course, this "poetic" division is stated in absolutely general terms, beyond any pretense at codification.
Yet, as I stated in these pages years ago, at the same time the Biennial is curious and intriguing to approach in a wider context that reaches beyond all borders, almost as if it were a great artwork which urges us to find some of its links with ancient pagan rites, where the creator and the observer interact for the creation of a "monument" dedicated, if not exactly to a superior being, certainly to an invisible one; if not to one or more divinities or spirits, surely to values and ideologies.
That which is undeniably and immediately visibile, perceptible as matter, I would say, is this urgency on the borderline with the manner of analysing, each person freely and in his own way, the contemporary "state of things" in the world of art and in general.
Not only with the works, but also with the work of hundreds of burocracies on the five continents which invite certain artists to produce.

di Luka Stojnic
:venews luglio 2007
Tr. Maria Fasolo

«52. Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte»
Fino al 21 novembre

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