Biennale Art by Robert Storr

Biennale Art by Robert Storr

Biennale Art by Robert StorrThink with the senses, Feel with the mind: art at present. A title such as this, serving also as a theme, induces us to think, perhaps with too much facility, that this is such a wide proposal, such a totalizing panorama, that nothing could in any way remain alien to it.

Inexorably appears the idea of a choice-non-choice in which to leave space for even a minimum trace of that which can be represented and manifested, seeing that the two terms proposed, mind and senses, function as necessary and sufficient means of knowledge.
So it seems to be; but it is not exactly so. On the eve of the inauguration, we already had an idea concerning Robert Storr's proposal and about that which would be achieved in the great exhibition which we now behold: we knew that the spaces of the Corderie as well as part of the Artiglierie of the Arsenal and of the Italian Pavilion at the Gardens would be used; we already knew the names of the artists to be invited; but nothing could have made us suspect the success of such a well-articulated, linguistically structured itinerary.
Indeed, these are the wide varieties of artistic languages and of the almost one hundred artists, mostly still alive and active, called upon to translate and to interpret a panoramic vision: the true protagonists of this exposition. Among the artists there are some of absolute international caliber like Gerhard Richter, Bruce Nauman,
Sol LeWitt, Louise Bourgeois, the Kabakovs; then there are young artists, not well known, and others who, all together, have amply achieved the goal of the American curator: no theory about current trends, no definition, only a tentative to understand that reality in which man lives or survives or dies, in which the flow of experience will win out over the construction of differential categories, in which imagination and art configure as a basin in which flow together contemporary ideas concerning humanity.

by Chiara Casarin
july 2007
Tr. Maria Fasolo

«Pensa con i sensi-Senti con la mente»

Arsenale, Corderie e Artiglierie Padiglione Italia, Giardini della Biennale - Castello

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