Penone and Vezzoli at the Italian Pavilion


Penone and Vezzoli at the Italian PavilionAmong the main novelties at the 52nd International Art Exposition of the Biennial of Venice, there is the reopening, after 8 years of absence, of the Italian Pavilion at Tese delle Vergine dell'Arsenale.

The protagonists are two works conceived and created for this occasion: Sculture di linfa by Giuseppe Penone (born in Garessio, Cuneo, in 1947) and Democracy by Francesco Vezzoli (born in Brescia in 1971).
Ida Giannelli, curator of the pavilion, compares two lines of Italian contemporary art which are distant one from the other yet complementary: the suggestive potential of matter and the power of the media.

by Valeria Romeo
Tr. Maria Fasolo
:venews july 2007

«Sculture di linfa»
Giuseppe Penone

Francesco Vezzoli

Tese delle Vergini, Arsenale

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