Baselitz pays tribute to Vedova at the Venetian pavilion


Baselitz pays tribute to Vedova at the Venetian pavilionThe core of the exposition at the Venice Pavilion is a cultural project promoted by Regione Veneto, the Province of Venice and the Venice Municipality. Its aim is to give back this exposition space to Veneto's culture, in an international context, conceived as a meeting place for ideas, persons, and languages which encounter each other beyond the geographical boundaries of the region.

The guiding force behind this project is Emilio Vedova, who died less than one year ago.
Vedova was the artist who indelibly impressed his own essence into Venice's Accademia di Belle Arti, influencing entire generations of students and at the same time, being constantly invited to exhibit at the Biennial, he was able to act as a bridge between Venetian humus and the world context of the event.

by M.M.
:venews july 2007
Tr. Maria Fasolo

«Omaggio a Vedova. Dialogo con Georg Baselitz»
Venetian pavilion
Giardini della Biennale

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