Russian Pavillion: shower with a view

Russian Pavillion: shower with a view

Russian Pavillion: shower with a viewA great touching-screen, a net-art project, technology which links up the users of a site with the physical space of the Biennial: Click I hope welcomes the visitors to the Russian Pavilion and proposes itself, ingenuously perhaps, as being able to transform the first person singular, that is, all of us, at the same time and in dislocation, into enjoyers of art/members of a virtual community/active subjects of hope.

Therefore, "I hope" is the counterpoint to "I kill", which seems to find its confirmation, at least according to Julija Minler, the youngest of the artists invited by the curator Olga Sviblova, to proclaim the global media village.

by Marisa Santin
Tr. Maria Fasolo
:venews july 2007

«Click I Hope»
Russian Pavillion
Giardini della Biennale-Castello

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