Calatrava bridge: the second step

by Roberta Nalesso | VeneziaSì editorial staff

Calatrava bridge: the second stepWhile Venice is getting ready for the great opening of its fourth bridge over the Grand Canal and it's trying to choose an appropriate name for its 431th bridge, in the Port of Marghera  everything is ready for the second step of the assembling of the bridge connecting the train station with Piazzale Roma, designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

The launching of the bridge began the 27th of July, when the two bridge shoulders were transported to town during the night between 27th and 28th July and put up on 28th and 29th July.
The second step of the assembling will be the transport of the central arch along the Grand Canal during the night bewteen 7th and 8th August. The arch which is 60 mt long and weighs 270 tonns will then be placed between 11th and 12th August.

The arch will leave at 9.30 from the Port of Marghera, will be at the Salute church at 11.30, will pass under Rialto Bridge after midnight and will arrive to Piazzale Roma at 4.00 am.
During the transport, the more delicate step will be the passage under Rialto Bridge.

From the Venice Municipality website will be possible to follow the live of the event.

Click here for more information about the changes in the regular water traffic and public boat service.

by Roberta Nalesso  |  MV editor


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