Subway Literature 2007

Subway Literature 2007by Fabio Marzari | :venews
Following the successful 2006 edition, in which was distributed the entirety of the books placed at the disposition of readers/passengers on the ACTV waterbus landings, once again this year, starting on the 12th of September and for three weeks afterward, in all the principal waterbus landing stages along Canal Grande will be installed literary jukeboxes, from which you may take one or more of the over 500,000 copies of the Subway 2007 booklets.


The 2007 edition presents several important novelties: in addition to the 12 books in the narrative section and that which brings together the verses of 8 young poets, this year there will also be a mini-book, the fourteenth, completely dedicated to the littlest authors and readers.

What is more, Massimo Cacciari's suggestion to translate into English the thirteenth book, the "Venetian" book, in order to involve the great number of tourists who use Venice's public transportation, was approved.
That which the subway hides is placed in evidence by the waterbus.
The world of the underground is dark, inhospitable, rapid. Spaces are swiftly crossed; the conquest of the light coincides with one's arrival at his destination.
From the large motorboat which slowly skims over the watery surface of Canal Grande, the most photographed aquatic stretch in all the world, yet which, perhaps, can no longer reveal its absolute magic to the bored everyday passengers who see it so frequently, we may well step down unwillingly, lamenting the fact that we must interrupt a journey of such marvellous sights.

For Venice, the invitation to read belongs to another moment, the waiting period, or that following your descent from the waterbus.
These are just the right moments to give yourself the gift of good reading. 


di Fabio Marzari | :venews
Tr. Maria Fasolo


«Subway-Letteratura 2007»
From the 12th september
Venice, ACTV lines


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