Open, the International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations

Open, the International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations

Open, the International Exhibition of Sculptures and InstallationsIn the open-air spaces at Venice Lido from 30 August to 14 October, “Open, the International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations”, celebrates its first ten years.
Ten years of sculptures, installations, happenings and performances, showing how art can invade the outside environment to attract the observer, capturing his gaze and cheering his soul.


A stage, a point of arrival and of starting off again, more conscious and more severe but always in line with the philosophy of its curator and founder, Paolo De Grandis.
In fact, Open proposes its linearity, its integration and its introductory character: aspects that have developed thanks to the simplicity of the basic idea and to the exhibition context offered by the open-air spaces at Venice Lido.
Curators of international repute have been also involved, among them Achille Bonito Oliva, Alanna Heiss, Chang Tsong-zung and Vincenzo Sanfo.
Open offers a unique opportunity for comparison and dialogue between artists, curators and institutions in order to valorise contemporary culture and give space to artistic creativity from all over the world.
As always, Open combines the presence of important artists such as Christo, Lee Ufan, John Henry, Beverly Pepper and historic figures of contemporary art such as Sandro Chia, Enzo Cucchi and Giuseppe Spagnulo, with the works of long recognised, talented young artists.
The successful formula of the Academies continues with the presence of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. Again, this year the presence of Asiatic artists is particularly significant.
Furthermore, the seventh edition of the Open prize will be awarded to a director taking part in the 64. Venice International Film Festival whose work reveals, as never before, a fruitful interest in the fascinating theme of the mutual interaction between art and cinema.

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settembre 2007 


«Open - 10. Esposizione Internazionale di Sculture ed Installazioni»
Fino al 14 ottobre
Luoghi vari,
Lido di Venezia


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