Veronese's Wedding at Cana back to San Giorgio

by Chiara Casarin | :venews

 Veronese's Wedding at Cana back to San Giorgio Veronese's Wedding at Cana returns to San Giorgio island in Venice...


Walter Benjamin's Art works in the age of their technical reproducibility has had, without doubt, considerable repercussions until our own times, in all kinds of artistic theories which at a certain point have had to deal with the problematics of authenticity.
Those historians, critics or others who would make a conceptual or exemplary analysis of "fakes", without consulting the great German theoretician, would be blameworthy.
But ever since 1936, the year in which appeared the first version of the book, and today, a lot of water has passed under the bridge of authenticity and auras.
To tell the truth, many have been hoping that someone would change the rules and fundamental concepts of such notions, yet they have remained static, continuing to employ the worn-out terminology of nostalgia.
But others have burst upon the scene, revolutionizing the equilibrium.
The question "How shall we deal with art fakes and copies?" has been replaced with "Are there fakes in contemporary art, too?".

Aware of these theoretical problematics, this year, too, the Giorgio Cini Foundation proposes, for the series called I Dialoghi di San Giorgio, a theme which is neuralgic, without parallel in our days (it would be a great shame to miss this!): Ereditare il passato. Tradizioni, traslazioni, tradimenti, innovazioni.
This is the title of the conference which will bring together the greatest international intellectuals on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore from the 12th until the 14th of September.
It will accompany, in its contents, the inauguration of the exposition The Miracle of Cana: the originality of reproduction in which, from the 11th of September until the 16th of December, will be displayed to the public the scanned copy in high detail of The Wedding at Cana, executed for the Benedictine refectory (now in the Louvre), which the artist-founder of Factum Arte, Adam Low, is now giving back with such prestige on commission of the Foundation.


by Chiara Casarin | :venews
Tr. M.F.
september 2007


«Il Miracolo di Cana. L’originalità della riproduzione »
15-30 september & 12 october-16 december
San Giorgio Maggiore island


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