Rosso. The transiest form

by Oreste Sabatini |:venews

Rosso. The transiest formThe many facets of the Turinese sculptor's artistic ego Medardo Rosso at the Guggenheim Collection from the 21st of September to the 6th of January 2008.


The figure of Medardo Rosso, well known, object of keen reviews among international critics, nevertheless is still mysterious in many aspects.
His talent is characterized by numerous artistic interests.
His unconventional personal behaviour was also a part of his professional/artistic conduct, which in many ways was extravagant: works displayed after years of delay, letters and documents destroyed, activities undertaken in secret.
The exposition-project is scheduled for the 21st of September at Venice's Guggenheim Museum.
It is organized by Paola Mola and Fabio Vittucci.
This exposition casts new light on the prevailing image of this impressionistic sculptor.


by Oreste Sabatini
Tr. Maria Fasolo
:venews | september 2007 


«Rosso. The transiest form»
From 21 September to 6 January 2008
Guggenheim Collection
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