A few steps from the Biennial

While strolling in the shade of the lofty trees at Giardini di Castello, we have the opportunity to observe the present in a different way: through the works of hundreds of artists, having very diverse origins and experiences.

In an itinerary which is necessarily selective, we start out from the Italian Pavilion, from the vast hall dedicated to the German artist Sigmar Polke.
Here, we turn once more toward the entrance, lifting up our eyes: and we will be impressed by the word EXIL, written in neon. At first glance, this may seem to be a simple exit sign (EXIT).
The materials and procedure of the Algerian artist Adel Abdessemed are essential, but the evocative power is immense.

Continuing toward the right, we enter into a long path, through aesthetic experimentation and painting, in the halls of Kelly, Richter and Ryan, to name only a few.
To the right is Sophie Calle's installation, representing a kind of tribute to the memory of her mother.
Finally we reach the hall of Cheri Samba, a Congolese painter who, with biting irony, criticizes western society and colonialism by using their own language.

Don't miss the video by the London artist Steve McQueen, concerning the extraction and working of coltan, which today is an indispensable material for all technological instruments.

Leaving the Italian Pavilion, among the most interesting, in addition to the French Pavilion, are: the American Pavilion, dedicated to Felix Gonzalez-Torres; the Great Britain Pavilion, with the English artist Tracey Emin; and the Japanese, Russian and Swiss Pavilions.


written by Fantina Madricardo | :venews
Tr. M.F.
September 2007 



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