Polish Pavilion at the Biennale


by Claudia Brisotto | :venews

Monica Sosnowska's urbanistic utopia at the Polish pavilion of the Venice Biennale...


Monica Sosnowska works with space and architecture.
She intervenes upon reality, modifies it, plays with the perceptions of the spectators, remodelling the sense of orientation.
Hers is an architecture of the absurd, where the houses are nonhouses, the staircases lead to nowhere, the doors do not open, the windows face out to nothingness, the beams do not sustain the roof: an architecture made of illusion, constructed of recycled metal and pieces of iron , reminding us explicitly of the decadence of postwar modernity.
The structure of the installation called 1:1, a kind of scaffolding placed over the building which houses the Polish Pavilion, is interpreted as a criticism of modernization at any price. 

by Claudia Brisotto | :venews
Tr. Maria Fasolo

«Monica Sosnowska 1:1»
Polish Pavilion
Biennale Gardens-Castello


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