10. Mestre Film Fest

10. Mestre Film FestNow at its tenth edition, Mestre Film Fest invites the citizens of the town to live the urban space in an active way, going back to the original idea of film festival, which is linked to territory, participation and discovery.

There must be a connection between the fact that Beppe Grillo found his strength in the horizontal communication model of blogs, being unappreciated and derided by the pyramidal thought of the journalists, and the fact that in Venice as elsewhere film festivals dedicated to young filmmakers who are invited to add new contents to the media world are definitely increasing.

In the last Venice Film Festival edition, young filmmakers have been invited, boundaries between the different sections have been reduced, favouring the contaminations between western and eastern culture (see Ang Lee), the edition has confirmed how complicated it is to read the world only through the eye that cinema imposes to the world.

This year’s Mestre Film Festival will present short and young films coming from all over Europe, United States, Canada and Japan.
Four will be the awards: the Short Stories Award for the best international short film, awarded by the jury chaired by Claudio Bondì (and the Special award Dino Boscarato and the special award Lions Club Mestre); the award of the jury Video clips, chaired by Oliviero Toscani; and the award for the section Short&Web (see the website www.shortinvenice.net) and the award Unicef for short films dedicated to children.
Other events: «Mestre in the twentieth-century. Women’s stories» and «Short films from the world - Iran».


by Riccardo Triolo | www.cineletteraria.com 

Tr. Gabriella Tonoli


«Mestre Film Fest»
9-13 october
Centro Culturale Candiani-Mestre (Ve)


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