De Gregori at the Malibran

by Pierluigi Tamburrini | :venews

De Gregori at the MalibranObscure. Strange. Mysterious. Poet. Those who love him as a singer don’t care much about what others say about De Gregori. We only want to tell Francesco, "Left or Right, we will be in the same place, always and forever".

Venice has been chosen for recomincing the journey.
A long journey, spangled with ten winter dates in some of Italy's most prestigious theatres, followed by fifty summer appointments.
To start, the prince of light Italian music, Francesco De Gregori, has chosen the Malibran, that gem in the heart of Venice, where, on Friday the 23rd of November, at 9 p.m., will begin his tour, coinciding with the appearance of the album Left and Right, recorded from a live performance.

Someone has written that "in De Gregori's songs, every word brings forth an emotion, every phrase gives life to a vision". And the author of these two lines is Vasco Rossi: a man who, to say the least, understands music.
A man who decided to open one of his concerts, the legendary Rock sotto l'assedio at San Siro, dedicated to the Sarajevo tragedy, with a song that is not his own.
A rare tribute, in the world of light music, to open an event by singing a cover.
But the song in question is Generale, the hymn of an era and of two generations. From the text, it's not clear if it was written with memories of the Second World War and the snow on the Russian steppes, or thoughts of Vietnam, or of another tragedy of the recently expired twentieth century.
In his verses, there is no waste and no casualties, although poets usually include these factors...

In the tour beginning at the Malibran, De Gregori will be accompanied by his historic band, reunited practically for this occasion under the leadership of Guido Guglielminetti, a rare case of a bass player who leads a group. But their notes will be only a verse background that can even do away with the music, that may be read aloud on a winter's evening, while seated comfortably in an armchair.
Because La donna cannone, to name only one, is poetry that sings its own music, alone. 

by Pierluigi Tamburrini | :venews
Tr. M.F.
november 2007 

Francesco De Gregori
Friday 23 november


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