Christmas in glass in Murano

Christmas in glass in MuranoFrom December 5th, 2007 to January 6th, 2008 discover a sparkling Christmas in the magic island of glass, Murano...

The 2007 edition of Christmas in glass offers you the chance to enjoy a December rich in art, events and culture.

Take a stroll through a festive Murano, where splendid glass sculptures will be on display in the most picturesque locations, or admire Murano craftsmen as they work the glass at the furnace or with blowtorches, or visit exhibitions, try local delicacies, or be a spectator at a number of sporting events.

But there’s more… As well as the traditional Christmas markets selling glass jewellery and ornaments, some of the most famous glassmaking companies will open their warehouses to offer unrepeatable bargains.
Kids can participate in games and activities at the Murano School of Glassmaking.
All this and the unique attractions of the island: the Basilica dei Santi Maria e Donato, the Church of San Pietro and the Museo del Vetro (Glass Museum), one of the richest and most prestigious collections of glass objects in the world, offering free admittance for several weekends between 5th December and 6th January.

On the 6th December Murano celebrates San Nicolò, the patron saint of glassmakers.
Known in the rest of Italy as San Nicola, he was the bishop of Myra in Turkey in the IV century A.D. Among the many legends about him, the most famous tells of when he gave gifts of gold to three young women whose father could not afford a proper dowry for them. For this reason, in Murano and other parts of Italy, there is the tradition of exchanging gifts on San Nicola’s day.




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