Installation of Georges Adéagbo at the Querini

di C.B. | :venews

Installation of Georges Adéagbo at the QueriniThe relations between Africa and Europe, the colonial policy, the drama of war and slavery, cultural cannibalism, religion, democracy, art: this is the past that returns, implacable, cruel, merciless, indelible.

It is the weight of a historical conscience which has been hiddle, erased, buried or simply lulled to sleep by time...
Time which flows along, inexhaustible and without limits, but which does not forget, preserving the permanent traces and marks of that which has happened, that which has been experienced.

A past which the African artist Georges Adéagbo calls back to the memory, making it live again through his intense, disenchanted gaze: suggestive narrations, whose meaning cross the borders between countries, cultures, eras and languages. Adéagbo is a "collector" who systematically brings together and catalogues photographs, books, cloth, newspaper clippings, assembling these according to the context in which he is working.
From these materials derive large site-specific installations which fill space with a heterogeneous multiplicity of signs and images, placed in relation among themselves by a wise play upon meanings, correspondences and cross-references.

by C.B. | :venews
Tr. Maria Fasolo
december 2007 


Georges Adéagbo
Until the 10th of february 2008
Fondazione Querini Stampalia


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