Titian's final period at the Venice's Gallerie dell'Accademia

by Luisa Turchi | :venews

Titian's final period at the Venice's Gallerie dell'Accademia50 splendid, surprising works by the great Master are arriving, from Vienna's Kunsthistorisches Museum to Venice's Gallerie dell'Accademia. These are the works of a mature Titian, mirrored in the sensuality of the painting...

When Vasari met Titian in Venice, two years prior to publishing the second edition of his Lives (1568), he beheld a man in the winter of life, but also an artist "admired and imitated in many things, like those who have created and continue to creat infinitely praiseworthy things".
The old age of the Serenessima Republic's official painter, famous all over Europe, was still creative and fecund, marked by masterpieces as well as numerous copies and variations of works produced with the assistance of his collaborators in the studio at Biri Grande.

Witnessing this is the exposition called Titian's final period and sensuality in painting, organized by Sylvia Ferino Pagden and Giovanna Nepi Scirè, as well as by the Venezia Accademia, and coordinated by Ingegneria per la Cultura-Gruppo Civita.
The period in question is that from 1550 to 1576, the year of the artist's death: the plague, which had struck with virulence in Venice, did not spare even him.
The last artistic phase of the painter was quite tormented, and, perhaps for this reason, more modern, characterized by a pictorial mode sometimes dense and pithy, sometimes nervous, vibrating with luminous reflections. Free brushstrokes and smears of paint made with the fingers alternate on the canvas.
This painting is more restless than Titian's earlier works.
It reflects Titian's fears and insecurity for the years to come.
Surely, the Titianesque sensuality of the faces and of the hefty, mature bodies still emerges in some of the classical Ovidian subjects; nevertheless, the stories often take on a hue of deeper reflection on human nature, in a moral sense, as is evident in Tarquin and Lucretia and in The Flaying of Marsias.
The uncompleted Pietà, destined for the tomb of the painter, remains as a sublime example of the unfinished.


di Luisa Turchi | :venews
Tr. Maria Fasolo
febbraio 2008 


«Titian's final period and sensuality in painting»
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