Carnival at the Goldoni theatre!

by Michela Manente | :venews 

Carnival at the Goldoni theatre!Some will prefer to dance with Juncà, others will opt for Le voci di dentro and the expression of De Filippo. For those who love Shakespeare with passion, there is a "healthy" Othello, served by Lo Monaco. Where? At the Goldoni, of course!

The 2007-2008 season at the Teatro Goldoni, Venice, is beginning the new year by abandoning the frame of the three hundredth anniversary of Goldoni's birth which signaled its initial success.
The Director, Luca De Fusco, wished to bring to life a frequently reiterated request to insert into the prose schedule a dance spectacle at the Malibran Theatre.
Juncà is the title chosen by Mercedes Ruiz, the art director, for her new spectacle (1,2,3 February).
Very popular in the month of Carnival, from the 13th to the 17th of February, is the return of Luca De Filippo who will stage Voci di dentro, starring Francesco Rosi.

This timeless work by De Filippo appears as a fantastic tale, suspended between dream and reality, which invites every human being to listen to the voice within.
A text which inserts itself into the "Edwardian fantasy category", De Filippo and Rosi tell us, with an ambiguous dream-reality relationship, profoundly expressing the feelings of its time, of a country shaken by the value-system and quite distrustful of an authentic rebirth, as if the horrors of war, although ended, had contaminated individual consciences".

For several years, Othello had been absent from Venice.
Now the Teatro Goldoni will host this work from the 20th until the 24th of February, with renewed interest in the interpretation of Sebastiano Lo Monaco, one of the most interesting actors of the "middle" generation.
The work is directed by Roberto Guicciardini.


by Michela Manente | :venews
February 2008
Tr. Maria Fasolo


«Stagione di Prosa 2007-2008»
13-17, 20-24 February
Goldoni Theatre



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