Parisienne Figures of the early twentieth-century at Ca’Pesaro


Parisienne Figures of the early twentieth-century at Ca’PesaroThe halls of the International Gallery of Modern Art in Ca’ Pesaro house the exhibition Edgard Chahine (1874-1947). Parisienne Figures of the early twentieth-century.

For this occasion, the museum graphic department has screened 34 masterpieces among the over sixty collected in its private collection.
It’s a jointventure with other expositions organized by the Musei Civici Veneziani, focused on bringing out the gems of the permanent exhibitions.

The event is based on the Armenian intaglio worker’s production, which is dedicated to places, people and personalities in Paris, the artist’s adopted town.
The French capital hosted Chahine from the end of the Nineteenth century until his death and it was the setting where he obtained rare reviews, even the citizenship. 


«Figure parigine del primo Novecento»
Fino al 24 febbraio Galleria Internazionale d’Arte
Moderna di Ca’ Pesaro


by Matteo De Vittor | :venews
Tr. Pamela Gennari
febbraio 2008 


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